Krissi & Adam - Waco Wedding Photography

There is just something special about summer weddings in Waco... there are no Baylor students on bicycles to have almost-collisions with on campus, Common Grounds doesn't have a line out the door and I don't have to wear my old sorority shirts to fit in/look like I'm 21. It's just lovely : ) But reallllly... Krissi and Adam's wedding was perfection. They were married in the historic First Baptist Church Waco, which is absolutely stunning (see below). Their reception was covered in flowers by Bella Flora and was flawlessly designed and coordinated by the one and only Caroline Fair of Caroline Events. She's unreal, y'all.

To Krissi & Adam, your precious families and super fun friends: THANK YOU for inviting me to photograph this perfect day.

My heart is so happy for all of you! Enjoy reliving it all! jbthornal_01 thornal_02 thornal_03 thornal_04 thornal_05 thornal_06 thornal_07 thornal_08 thornal_09 thornal_10 thornal_11 thornal_12 thornal_13 thornal_14 thornal_15 thornal_16 thornal_17 thornal_18 thornal_19 thornal_20 thornal_21 thornal_22 thornal_23 thornal_24 thornal_25 thornal_26 thornal_27 thornal_28 thornal_29 thornal_30 thornal_31 thornal_32 thornal_33 thornal_34 thornal_35 thornal_36 thornal_37 thornal_38 thornal_39 thornal_40 thornal_41

Thank you to Amanda Jameson for second-shooting and Rachel Whyte for assisting!