Michael & Dixie - Colorado Springs Wedding Photography

This wedding was genuinely such a JOY to witness and photograph at the Broadmoor's Cheyennne Mountain Lodge. One of our dearest friends, Michael, moved to Denver and found the most precious, Christ-centered, selfless gal in the world to marry. Michael and my husband were college roommates so this guy is a part of my very favorite memories from Baylor... Mikey Mo is like another brother to me.  We've always been confident he would find an incredible girl to spend his life with and we couldn't be HAPPIER he chose Dixie. They compliment each others strengths and bring out the very best in one another.

Their joy for life and love for Christ is contagious. This wedding day was truly a testament to God's marvelous, beautiful plan for us...

I can still smell the Colorado mountain air looking at these pictures. Enjoy, y'all! jb

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A special thanks to Angela Willingham for second-shooting!

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