Jennifer & Lake - East Texas Wedding Photography

These two high school sweethearts are absolutely made for each other -- I've known Lake and Jennifer since my time at Baylor (it's getting farther and farther away :/), and it's always been the consensus that they would one day be the happiest married couple we knew. Well, the day came. And it was perfect. Jennifer and Lake: soak up these special first few days of marriage. It all goes by too quickly. We love you! - jblittlejohn1 littlejohn2 littlejohn3 littlejohn4 littlejohn5 littlejohn6 littlejohn7 littlejohn8 littlejohn9 littlejohn10 littlejohn11 littlejohn12 littlejohn13 littlejohn14 littlejohn15Β littlejohn16 littlejohn17 littlejohn18 littlejohn19 littlejohn20 littlejohn21 littlejohn22 littlejohn23

A special thanks to Lindsey Brittain for second-shooting!

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