Lauren & Trevor - dallas wedding photography

June 8th was such a happy HAPPY day! Seriously... the joy from these two could not be contained. It was a fun, laid-back, joy-filled day that started with mimosas and ended with one out of control dance party at Hickory Street Annex. Those horned frogs... they know how to dance. For real. Lauren and Trevor: thank you for giving me the joy of photographing your wedding...  I hope we can hang out all the time and be besties :) jb  Gordon_01 Gordon_02 Gordon_03 Gordon_04 Gordon_05 Gordon_06 Gordon_07 Gordon_08 Gordon_09 Gordon_10 Gordon_11 Gordon_12 Gordon_13 Gordon_14 Gordon_15 Gordon_16 Gordon_17 Gordon_18 Gordon_19 Gordon_20 Gordon_21 Gordon_22 Gordon_23 Gordon_24 Gordon_25 Gordon_26 Gordon_27 Gordon_28 Gordon_29 Gordon_30 Gordon_31 Gordon_32 Gordon_33 Gordon_34 Gordon_35 Gordon_36 Gordon_37 Gordon_38 Gordon_39 Gordon_40

A big thank you to Amanda Jameson for second-shooting!