2012 : A year in review

Wow. 2012 was quite the year.

42 weddings. 89 portrait sessions. 3 countries. 39, 977 images delivered. Countless cups of coffee. And one big surprise.

Looking back at the past year is humbling and seriously exhausting at the same time. I wouldn't trade the world for the people I've met, the couples I've served, or the adventures I've experienced over the last year.Β  Photographing weddings isn't just a job for me- it's how I serve and love people.

As we move on to 2013, I can tell you I definitely won't be delivering thirty-nine thousand pictures (that number is outrageous). I'll be shooting 15-18 weddings as I take some time off to love on our sweet little boy who will be entering the world in just 11 weeks. My office is now in our tiny (yet adorable) dining room, I finally have time to finish your wedding albums, and I can start remembering what weekends are like! Hallelujah. Simplifying is beautiful.

2012 in review. To all you who made these images possible : thank you for trusting me and letting me into your lives during such sweet moments.Β  Enjoy!

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And it goes without saying... but sic 'em bears!