Emanuel & Larkin - Dallas engagements

I'm baaaaaacccckkkk!!! Sorry for the break on the blog posting, y'all - Christmas season around here always gets a little nutty. I'm excited to share LOTS of new sessions and weddings with you, starting with Emanuel and Larkin's gorgeous engagement session. Is this girl not drop dead beautiful?! It's hard to believe, but they're even cooler/sweeter than they look. Just one of the many reasons why 2013 will be epic.

Larkin1 Larkin2 Larkin3 Larkin4 Larkin5 Larkin6 Larkin7 Larkin8 Larkin9 Larkin10 Larkin11 Larkin12 Larkin13 Larkin14 Larkin15

Β How cute are they!?

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