Rockport, massachusetts : a beautiful place

This summer after shooting two weddings on the East coast (and being completely exhausted from doing so), Blake and I spent a few days relaxing in Rockport, MA : my new favorite place to visit.  I rarely take pictures on vacation because lets face it... no one wants to do their job on vacation :) I'm so glad I made an exception for a day and took some photographs of this quaint little town.

We spent three full days eating lobster, whale watching, and reading books on the porch of the historic Emerson Inn - all wins in my book. Blake and I are REALLY good at relaxing and this was the perfect gift in the middle of such a crazy wedding season. We can't wait to hopefully take Baby Barfield there next summer and keep up our new family tradition in Rockport, MA.

PS- Whale watching was incredible/life-changing/beautiful/you need to do it if you haven't :)