Luke & Rachel - Nacogdoches wedding photography

I have been so overwhelmed lately with the generosity, selflessness and kindness of my sweet clients, and these two are at the top of the list. Luke and Rachel are true servants - they love their family and their friends so well and so deeply. It really was a true joy to photograph this downright gorgeous wedding.

The wedding was held at Rachel's parents home outside of Nacogdoches, TX - the ceremony took place in a field behind their house and the reception was in the barn and horse stables... a few sprinkles came later in the evening, but that didn't stop anyone from celebrating. It was such a GLORIOUS day. It is absolutely going down in the books. Rachel and Luke: I can't wait to see where you two go together. You have been a blessing to me and so many others. Love you two!

Β A HUGE, GIANT thank you to Braeden Rogers for shooting this gorgeous wedding with me. The dude's got skills, y'all.

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