Preparing for your engagement shoot

Sweet. Intimate. Southern. Simple. Honest images.

Those pictures are the goal of every shoot I photograph. Whether engagements, bridals or a wedding - I want to be honest to who the couple is.

I prepare for the shoot with the bride and groom and get to know their hearts and who they are. I visualize the style, the light, and the post-editing I'll do after the shutter is clicked. My Jeep and I adventure all over Texas back roads to find the perfect spot to throw a blanket and catch some gorgeous rays.  I come mentally prepared to create beautiful images ... the preparation is a VERY important part of the process. Unfortunately,  life gets in the way.

I've seen it all: girl locks keys in the car, guy hit traffic and is 45 minutes late, guy forgets undershirt, guy forgets belt, guy forgets everything, girl hates her new haircut from the day before, it's windy, it's hot, it's freezing, guy and girl disagree about clothing, girl is upset with future mother-in-law, guy hates pictures,  etc... I COULD GO ON. These lovely things are just bound to happen, but it's all in how you deal with it that makes all the difference. 

Regardless of life happening around you, take time before a photo shoot to breathe, pray, look into the eyes of the guy/girl you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with and simply be joyful. 

There are simple ways you can prepare for portrait shoots.

Below are some ideas to minimize stress on portrait day:

  • 1-- Plan to arrive at the meeting location (or at a Starbucks nearby) 20-30 minutes early. Traffic always seems to happen on picture days!
  • 2-- Plan the outfits with your photographer the week before. Have everything decided on so you're not running around the mall at 5:25 the day of the shoot.
  • 3-- Brides, coordinate outfits with your guy. Take time to try things on and make sure he feels comfortable in his clothes.
  • 4-- TRUST your photographer. Trusting their opinions and allowing them to be creative will result in better images for you.
  • 5-- Feel free to have a glass of wine before the shoot... or just bring it along!  : )
  • 6-- Be ready to have fun together -- photo shoots are not torture (contrary to the popular opinion of males)


Your pictures should show who you are, as individuals and as a couple. My goal is that brides and grooms can trust me enough to relax, be themselves, and let me photograph their relationship. If people say, "Wow- those pictures are SO them," then I've done my job.  : )