Blair : 3 weeks


This is one of those moments. One of those happy, delicious, perfectly wonderful moments that you couldn't write any better yourself if you tried. When Blair's mom (one of my nearest and dearest, Courtney) told me she was expecting baby #2, first thing I said was, "it's a girl. I just know it." And now she's here and she's beautiful (to no one's surprise - her parents are gorgeous :)) This tiny baby girl has brought so much joy in the past 4 weeks of being here. Even though I've had two babies myself, I'm just now realizing the profound LIFE that babies bring into the the lives of people around them. New hopes, new promises, new reasons to smile. It's such a gift. Blair is such a gift. Don't mind me while I melt into a puddle of happy tears while I share these images of my sweet friend and her babies (and don't worry Bo, I'll be back for you! :))

Jess BarfieldComment