Henry Graham: 6 months

Oh my, today marks 6 MONTHS since Henry was born and instantly made our lives more joyful, sweeter, exhausting, complicated, fuller and down right more fun. I never want to minimize life before babies, because it's important, it's special, it's easier, it's WONDERFUL... but life with a little half of you crawling around is just... different.  My view of the world and my place in it has been indelibly altered -- the way I photograph weddings has changed too. I now see everything from the view of the mother of the groom (I got your backs MOGs : )

So, to you, my Henry: I love you and your crazy, unique, 20 pound self. I pinch myself everyday that we get to stay at home together.  You edit with me, you snooze in the backseat while we go location-scouting, we go to brunches with photographer friends, you babble in the phone while I talk to coordinators... our life is full and sometimes messy, but I wouldn't trade being with you for anything. -- your mom

And now... 2 minutes of morning playtime:


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