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Whit + Sterling - Dallas wedding photography

AH! What a gorgeous/fun/lovely wedding day! Gorgeous everything... all around : ) Sterling and Whit : I love you guys. Can we have this dance party um... every weekend?! Ok, great. It's a date. -- jbWS_01 WS_02 WS_03 WS_04 WS_05 WS_06 WS_07 WS_08 WS_09 WS_10 WS_11 WS_12 WS_13 WS_14 WS_15 WS_16 WS_17 WS_18 WS_19 WS_20 WS_21 WS_22 WS_23 WS_24 WS_25 WS_26 WS_27 WS_28 WS_29 WS_30 WS_31 WS_32 WS_33 WS_34 WS_35 WS_36 WS_37 WS_38 WS_39

Lindsey - Dallas Bride

Bryan & Mary - Dallas engagement photography