Katherine Anne + Joel : Seaside, Florida wedding photography

Y'all..... I'M BAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!!! Shooting a wedding has never felt so good.  After taking off the last few months at the end of my pregnancy & beginning of our time with little Henry, I shot my first wedding back in Seaside, FL    and.    it.    was.    BEAUTIFUL

Katherine Anne is a wedding videographer and was incredibly understanding, hospitable and just all-around wonderful to work with and be around (if you know her, it's no surprise).  It's so great working with couples that are a part of the wedding industry - it usually makes the preparation and scheduling smoother on the day-of because they know what to expect. It's just lovely :)  She is the definition of grace and beauty... no wonder Joel was so excited to marry her!  We traveled down to Seaside, Florida for their gorgeous wedding in the Seaside Chapel. The wedding party and family had cottages all over Seaside... we meandered around before and after the wedding and grabbed the pretty Florida light all over the quaint streets, cottages and the beach. I could photograph Katherine Anne and Joel every weekend. It was an absolute honor, y'all!


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A special thanks to Lindsey Shea Photography for coming with us to Seaside to second-shoot!

Ceremony: Seaside Chapel

Videographer: Lovespun Films