Wes & Haley - East Texas Wedding Photography

This might be my last wedding on the blog for a few months, but it's the perfect one to end on!  I can't get over how much JOY is in these photographs. It's just beautiful. Wes and Haley are giving, selfless, and seriously awesome people, so it came as no surprise that there were lots of friends ready to celebrate with them in Longview. I got to know Wes while we were at Baylor and I am SO GLAD our paths crossed. They have been a genuine joy to work with and serve... It's hard to imagine a more precious couple. Enjoy a few of my favorites from their joy-filled wedding day. -J

WH1 WH2 WH3 WH4 WH5 WH6 WH7 WH8 WH9 WH10 WH11 WH12 WH13 WH14 WH15 WH16 WH17 WH20 WH19 WH21 WH22 WH23 WH24 WH25 WH26 WH27 WH28 WH29 WH30 WH31 WH32

 A special thanks to my dear friend, Taylor Lord, for joining me in Longview, TX for this beautiful wedding!

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