Tripp + Molly | Dallas wedding photography


THIS DAY : perfect. Perfect in every way. Molly and Tripp's wedding day was an incredible picture of God's grace and unending mercies, and shooting their wedding is something I'll cherish for years to come. Molly is one of those people that blesses you by just being around her... she's an encourager, a giver and generally one of the most ridiculously fun people you'll ever meet. It's such a sweet sight to see her in love with the man that God chose for her. Ah, this day. Perfection.   - j


Alex + Whitney - Palm Beach wedding photography


The beauty of this wedding was enough to bring me to tears as I edited these images. Whitney and Alex intentionally held their wedding ceremony and reception in beautiful venues, where nature and architecture joined to make the perfect wedding day setting. I am counting the DAYS until I can get back to Palm Beach and soak up the beauty that's all around this place. It's just unreal. 

Combine Palm Beach with two of the most beautiful and kindest people you will ever meet, it's just a photographer's heaven. I think "intentional" might be the best word to describe Whitney and Alex. As wedding videographers from Houston (check out their gorgeous site here), they took time and effort to make things logistically and aesthetically perfect (and they succeeded). Their hearts are so kind and generous -- it was a privilege to spend the weekend with them celebrating their new life together. The beauty of this day can't adequately be expressed through words, so here it is.... Whitney and Alex, yall. -- j

A special thanks to Amanda Jameson for second-shooting!


Cameron + Abby - Crawford wedding photography


Words will most definitely fail me today. Lets just start with that.

This wedding is near and dear to my heart.  It lifted my spirit, strengthened my own desire to pursue Christ in my daily life and in my marriage. The pastor who officiated Cameron and Abby's wedding said it best... everyone thinks they're best friends with Cameron and Abby. Their gift of affirmation and encouraging others is something only the Lord can give. These two live life fully : they love God and love others. It's that simple and it's that powerful. 

Abby and Cameron's ceremony was in a field overlooking a perfect Texas sunset at Magnolia Farms (check out the precious Gaines family - they are wonderful!) Not only was this wedding aesthetically gorgeous, but the people made these images some of my very favorites I've taken to date. Cameron and Abby: you have blessed my heart in so many ways. I count you guys as a gift. xoxo  - jess

Thank you to Amanda Jameson for second-shooting!