Wes + Lori : Dallas Engagements


Today I am thankful for all the incredible people I get to call my clients. You trust me enough to photograph your deepest loves and for that, I am so grateful. Lori and Wes are no exception... they make me so happy that this is my job. It's basically like a vacation when you're hanging out with these two. Wine + our neighborhood + puppies + laughs... it really doesn't get any better.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends/"clients" - you guys are right at the top of my thankful list this year. xoxo - jess


Conner + CC's wedding at M.D. Anderson


This day. This day was perfect. It might be hard to believe that considering the circumstances but because of God's incredible provisions of joy and peace, this day was absolutely perfect.

CC and Conner moved their wedding date up to be with CC's precious mom, Janet, as she battled cancer at M.D. Anderson Houston. All their friends and family selflessly dropped everything to be by their sides as they became man and wife in the beautiful garden on hospital grounds. CC and her mom prepped in the hospital room with Maitee as Conner waited with 75 guests in the garden. I'll never forget the moment CC and her dad were ushered through M.D. Anderson and patients clapped and cheered all the way to the ceremony. The joy was contagious; the day was sacred. Janet went to be with the Lord about 2 weeks after her beautiful daughter's wedding day.  Minutes after meeting Janet you could tell that her faith in the Lord was her steadfast hope and her family was her crowning joy. Being a part of this beautiful story has been a humbling, soul-searching, beautiful experience. One that I'll never soon forget. 

Love to CC + Conner and your wonderful family and friends -- j

Wedding design : Bella Flora

Wedding planning and coordination: Carson Castellaw, Bella Flora


Kyle + Katy


While everyone is about to get off work for a cold and cozy weekend, I thought I would give you something pretty to look at while you're drinking your hot chocolate, snuggling in your mismatched Christmas socks and enjoying the general merriment of the first Arctic blast of the year (I mean, what?!)  Before the cold front came through, Kyle and Katy braved the early morning hours to catch the sunrise with me. I've known Katy for awhile now, as she is one of the owners of Stems of Dallas - only one of the most talented floral companies in all of Texas (nay, AMERICA). Her heart is the beauty behind all those gorgeous flowers you see Stems creating and now she is planning her OWN wedding, to a catch of a guy (way to go with the blind date, Eden!) Kyle and Katy are truly one of those couples everyone wants to be best friends with... because I mean, look at them. They're adorable. - jb